A Center headquartered on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

God has a redemptive plan which He is advancing forward to perfect completion.

World history undeniably records and exemplifies His plan. Stewardship is God's Biblical method of
inviting us - His disciples, to actively join Him in completing His plan.

Because of the ultimate gift given on the cross, our active faith provides us with eternal hope and charitable heart opportunities to steward our God-given resources of time, talents, and treasures. To advance His Great Commission is at the center of each Christian’s calling and purpose in life.

Inspirational education and services for the “heart-work” of stewardship leaders

Mission Statement

The Center for Biblical Stewardship exists to inspire the “heart-work” of stewardship leaders. We do this by promoting, educating, and preserving our Biblical stewardship heritage. Our methods are building collaborative partnerships, issuing CEU-certified coursework and education, sponsoring technology projects, and providing clearinghouse services.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 22716
Fort Worth, TX 76122-0140

Phone: 817.923.1921 x4540

Unique, Mutually-Collaborative Global Partnerships

The Center welcomes working partnerships with a wide galaxy of Christian leaders:

  • Denominations, mega-churches, individual and local churches and
  • Over 20 different Parachurch leadership associations and organizations
  • Stewardship and ministry education consultants,
  • Publishers
  • Seminaries
Center Leadership

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
School Of Theology
Department of Stewardship
2001 West Seminary Drive
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