The Center for Church Revitalization and the School of Church Music and Worship at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary designed this sermon and worship resource to assist churches during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Churches without pastors or ministries without video production tools can easily access individual messages, sermon series, individual songs, and complete worship services. Churches can also customize the resources in two ways: 


Please see the links provided below that allow for individual elements to be downloaded and edited accommodating specific service needs. Including:

  • Individual songs and hymns (from SWBTS chapel services)
  • Complete worship sets using songs from chapels (guided by specific Scripture passages)
  • Sermons (with the option of four or six week series preached by SWBTS faculty)

Week 1 Worship

Preacher Sermon Title Text
Matt Queen  The Kingdom and Our Possessions   Luke 12:13-34 (1 of 4)
Kenneth Priest  CP Sunday Mark 12:41-44
Deron Biles Consider Your Ways Haggai 1:1-15 (1 of 4)
Matthew McKellar Great Fish--Greater God Jonah 1:1-3 (1 of 6)
Adam W. Greenway Coming Together, Moving Forward Mark 2:1-12
Individual Songs Worship Sets
Before the Throne of God Above Week 1 Worship combined
All Creatures of Our God and King  Week 1 Worship closing 
O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer   
There is a Fountain   

Week 2 Worship

Preacher Sermon Title Text
Matt Queen  The Kingdom and Its Possibilities Mark 10:13-27  (2 of 4)
Kenneth Priest  Awakening Prayer Matthew 6:5-15
Deron Biles Be Strong Haggai 2:1-9 (2 of 4)
Matthew McKellar Great Storm--Greater God Jonah 1:4-16 (2 of 6)
Individual Songs Worship Sets
Great Things Week 2 Worship combined
Yet Not I, But Christ in Me Week 2 Worship closing
Mercy Tree  
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  

Week 3 Worship

Preacher Sermon Title Text
Matt Queen  The Kingdom and Its Principles  Matthew 19:27-20:16 (3 of 4)
Kenneth Priest  Valley of Dry Bones Ezekiel 37:1-10
Deron Biles From This Day Forward Haggai 2:10-19 (3 of 4)
Matthew McKellar A Severe Mercy Jonah 1:17-2:10 (3 of 6)
Individual Songs Worship Sets
All I Have is Christ Week 3 Worship combined
All Praise to Him Week 3 Worship closing 
O, Great God  
Revelation Song  

Please see two YouTube playlists below. This option provides the ministry to customize a YouTube playlist from the following resources:

Worship sets

Sermon series