The Center for Theological Research [CTR], directed by Dr. Malcolm Yarnell, seeks to promote evangelical Baptist theology among Southern Baptists. CTR accomplishes this task through special lectures, think tank sessions, a website, and the Oxford Studies Program. A number of special lectures, including the Day-Higginbotham Lectures series and the Baptist Distinctives Conference series, are managed by the Center. The think tank sessions invite established scholars and experienced pastors to participate in discussions concerning crucial theological topics, such as the Baptist Renaissance, the challenge of open theism, and missiological strategies.

CTR also hosts, a website dedicated to fostering biblical theology and Baptist distinctives among Southern Baptists through offering high quality “White Papers” focused upon critical issues facing Baptists and by providing historic sources no longer available elsewhere in print. The Oxford Studies Program, managed under the auspices of CTR, offers students a chance to earn credit for courses taken while touring important Baptist and evangelical sites in the British Isles. For information concerning the special lectures, the think-tank sessions, or the study programs, please contact the office of Dr. Yarnell at 817-923-1921, ext. 4495, or