Derived from Henry Blackaby and Avery Willis's On Mission With God, these four basic categories of service provide a place in missions for every Christian. Find where you fit.

  • A promoter or champion of God's work among the nations.
  • An intercessor for the establishment of a church planting movement among at least one specific people group.
  • A mobilizer of Advocates, Supporters, Workers, and Equippers to be on mission.
  • A networker of key contacts and/or resources, that is, putting people together who can get the job done
  • Provider of prayer resources for at least one people group (i.e., this person connects intercessors with current prayer needs of at least one people group.)
  • Provider of financial resources.
  • Partner in developing business and/or professional opportunities that facilitate God's work among the nations.
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  • Volunteer for specific projects in cooperation with long-term Workers and missions teams.
  • Short-term missionary (2-3 years) serving on a missions team.
  • Tent-maker, or self-supporting missioner, working with a missions team.
  • Long-term, or career missionary, serving through a missions agency on a missions team.
  • Possessor of apostolic passion and is going.
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  • Called and gifted to be an equipper of the Advocates, Supporters, and Workers.
  • Leader in a local church-equipping ministry.
  • Communicator of apostolic passion - planning to go but willing to stay.
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