Dr. Janzen desires to use his knowledge of ancient history to help students contextualize, and thus better understand the Bible, particularly the Old Testament. He also hopes to spark their interest in ancient texts and other primary sources as valuable sources of information not only of the past but also of the human condition.

Dr. Janzen comes to SWBTS having recently taught for 2 years at First Assembly Christian School in Memphis, TN where he was also an assistant football coach. He received his PhD from the University of Memphis in Egyptology in 2013, where he also met his wife of 5 years, Jenna. They have one child, Avery and live in Burleson.

Before his time in Memphis, Dr. Janzen received an M.A. in Archaeology and Semitic Languages from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. While there he got his first experience in archaeological fieldwork and his first taste of Egyptian hieroglyphs, setting him on the course he is currently on as an Egyptologist and archaeologist.

In the future, Dr. Janzen hopes to conduct fieldwork in Egypt in archaeology/epigraphy as part of his role with the Tandy Institute.