Dr. Lee is the Professor of Baptist Church Planting at SWBTS and teaches in the areas of church planting, evangelism, and missions. A veteran church planter, he has started four church plants across North America. He currently serves as mentor for the International Baptist Church of Arlington which launched April 2012. IBCA is functioning as a learning incubator for cross-cultural church planting.

As a NAMB Mobilization Missionary, Dr. Lee is passionate about equipping the next generation of leaders through teaching, mentoring, and mobilizing. Each May, he takes a select group of students who are interested in church planting on a special practicum so they may see how church planting is done in North America. They visit a selected North American city and assist an actual church plant.

Dr. Lee coordinates the North American Church Planting Week in March every year. He also serves as the faculty advisor for the Fellowship of North American Church Planters, a SWBTS student organization focused on promoting church planting in North America.