Ben Phillips has been teaching at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's J. Dalton Havard School for Theological Studies in Houston, Texas since 2005.  He was educated at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he majored in ancient history, and at Southwestern Baptist Theolgoical Seminary.  His doctoral dissertation focused on the doctrine of creation (particularly the God-world relationship) and the implications of the doctrine for ecological ethics.  His primary areas of research are the doctrine of creation and theology of preaching.

Ben's primary areas of teaching responsibilities are theology and preaching.  He is best known among students for his extensive use of secular rock music and movie clips to raise issues and perspectives in his systematic theology courses.  He believes that the purpose of theology is not to make people 'Bible-trivia champs,' but to develop wisdom.  As a result, he spurs students to think about how the truths of the faith should make a difference in living the Christian life and doing Christian ministry.  In his preaching classes, Ben's goal is to help students learn to "say what the text says, the way the text says it"--expository preaching that is anything but dull!  To this end, he tries to help students find efficient ways to get the most out of their original language studies in preparing Christian sermons that may be used of God to evangelize the lost and disciple the saved.

Ben and his wife Joelyn have been married since December 23, 1995.  They have two children, Robert Reagan (2003) and Caroline Jayne (2005).  Outside of his family and ministry, Ben's passions are national politics and the Great American Game.  To be sure, Ben is certainly a fan of football (Washington Redskins and whoever is playing the Cowboys) and he is devoted to college basketball (Maryland Terps and the ACC...though he can never remember, when was the last time Virginia Cavaliers won the NCAA?).  Yet he knows that these are merely crutches to sustain us in the dark days between the last pitch of the World Series and the first pitch of Opening Day.  Ben's baseball creed is that non-retractable dome ballparks, the Wild Card, and the DH should be banned by constitutional amendment, while the high strike and full mound height should be enshrined in the Bill of Rights.  He believes in pure baseball, that there are at least 99 reasons why baseball is better than football, that time begins on opening day, and that life imitates the World Series.  Ben is a fan of the Houston Astros and the Baltimore Orioles, and his favorite player of all time is Cal Ripken, Jr.