John Wilsey’s areas of research and expertise lie broadly in the history of ideas, particularly related to religion and the American founding. His dissertation, published by Pickwick Publications in 2011 under the title of One Nation Under God: An Evangelical Critique of Christian America, argues that America was not founded as a Christian nation but as a nation with religious liberty. Dr. Wilsey is presently writing his second book, forthcoming from InterVarsity Press in 2016. This work is a treatment of American exceptionalism as an aspect of American civil religion. Additionally, Wilsey is producing a new abridgment of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. Not only is this a landmark work in American political, social, and economic history. The work also provides a window into the “democratization of American Christianity,” as Nathan Hatch famously wrote. The Tocqueville abridgment is under contract with Lexham Press, and is forthcoming in early 2016. He has also published and presented papers on other topics pertaining to theology and culture, philosophical theology, apologetics, philosophy of science, and epistemology.

Dr. Wilsey has served students as an educator and a pastor since 1992. As part of his ministry to students, Dr. Wilsey has sought to use his love of the outdoors to teach about the glory and faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Orienteering by night and by day, hiking, backpacking, and gunning have shaped his life since he was a boy, and he has found that people’s understanding of the Christian life is made exponentially clearer in and through the world God made.