Our Faculty

Introducing the Southwestern Seminary faculty

Our world-class faculty of men and women are committed to seeing our students grow in wisdom, character, competence, and experience.

You can meet our administration team here.

Matt Queen

Associate Dean of the Roy J. Fish School of…

Richard Ross

Professor of Student Ministry J.M. Price Chair of Religious…

Daniel Sanchez

Distinguished Professor of Missions

Dietmar W. Schulze

Associate Professor of Missions Associate Director of the M.A.…

Chris Shirley

Associate Dean of the Jack D. Terry School of…

Dean Sieberhagen

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies Director of the Islamic…

Benjamin M. Skaug

Dean of Scarborough College and Associate Professor of Theology

Gregory Smith

Associate Vice President for Distributed Learning Associate Professor of…

Tom Song

Senior Professor of Church Music

Terri Stovall

Dean of Women Professor of Women's Ministries

Andrew Streett

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Mark E. Taylor

Associate Dean of the School of Theology Professor of…

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