Dr. McCarty came to Southwestern after twenty-two years as a senior pastor, following eighteen years in higher education.  He served as a Teaching Fellow in Public Speaking and Debate at the University of Pittsburgh, as Professor of Preaching and Rhetoric at Mid-Atlantic Christian University, and as President of Cincinnati Christian University. During his years in pastoral ministry he also taught as an adjunct professor in several colleges and seminaries. He currently teaches in the fields of preaching, rhetoric, and reasoning.

Dr. McCarty is the author of Well Said and Worth Saying: A Public Speaking Guide for Church Leaders and Parables and Miracles. He is accredited as a Certified Professional Parliamentarian, and his Parliamentary Guide for Church Leaders, now in a 25th Silver Anniversary Edition, has become the standard guidebook in the field of church business meetings. Since 1986 Dr. McCarty has served as the Chief Parliamentarian who advises and assists the presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention as they preside over the SBC annual meetings.

Barry and Pat McCarty have three grown sons: Ryan, Noah, and Ian. His idea of a summer vacation is riding the mountain stages of the Tour de France racecourse.