Vern Charette makes a unique contribution to the preaching department with his background and itinerate evangelism experience. Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, there was a time in Vern's life when he was a high school dropout, in trouble with the authorities, and living an immoral life. Vern's life dramatically changed when he met an African American preacher who led him to the Lord. Soon, it became evident that the Lord had endowed Vern with the gift of preaching. After his licensing and ordination, Vern "hit the trail" as an itinerate evangelist preaching scores of special meetings and witnessing many professions of faith.

In 1997, the Lord opened up the door for him to pursue a formal theological education. With the support of his sweet wife, Jennifer, Vern attended Oklahoma Baptist University where he graduated 4 years later with honors. Afterward, Vern chose to attend Mid-Amerca Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee where he not only earned his Master of Divinity degree, but was recognized for his excellence in evangelism.

In 2006, Vern's educational pursuits led him to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a Master of Theology degree, as well as a Ph.D. in Preaching.  Vern continues a highly demanding preaching schedule that keeps him in touch with the local church and missions. He contributes his popularity to his homiletical approach. Vern weds an unflinching commitment to text-driven preaching with the pathos of an evangelist, which makes him rare. Vern's pathos for preaching is contagious in the classroom.