Candi Finch serves as Assistant Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies and teaches courses like Biblical Theology of Womanhood, Feminist Theology, Intro to Women’s Studies, Communication for Women, Women in Church History, and Girls Ministry. She graduated with her B.A. in Communication from the University of South Florida, with her MDiv in Women’s Studies from SWBTS, and with her PhD in Systematic Theology from SWBTS.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Candi comes from a great family with three brothers and two sisters, one of whom is her twin.  Her life with God has been an adventure—she has been on over 20 mission trips, worked on a church staff in girls ministry, spent several summers working with teenagers both in the US and overseas, and even led a travelling drama group in college to raise money for missions.

Candi has contributed to several books for women and youth, including the Women's Evangelical Commentary on the New Testament and Old Testament and also the Impact Bible. She served as the editor for the Pentateuch and Pauline Epistle sections for a new study Bible for women that will be released through Broadman and Holman in 2014. She provided research assistance for Mary Kassian's book The Feminist Mistake and Diane Strack's book Quiet Influence. Most recently, she contributed a chapter on the wives of Adoniram Judson to the book Adoniram Judson: A Bicentennial Appreciation of the Pioneer American Missionary and contributed a chapter on the impact of feminism on the home and family to the book The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook.

Candi’s greatest passion is to see teenagers and women come to know the Lord and become mature disciples of Christ.  Several women invested in her life when she was a new believer in high school, and the impact they had on her reminds her daily of the positive influence we can have on others for Christ.