Dr. Mitchell’s research and writing has focused in the area Old Testament Narrative and Biblical (Old Testament) Archaeology.  He is most interested in how the Old Testament author shapes the text to convey meaning and how the combined ancient contexts of scripture, historical event, culture and language inform interpretation. 

Dr. Mitchell is the author of A Literary Examination of the Function of Satire in the Mišpat Hammelek of I Samuel (Mellen Press) based upon his dissertation under Daniel Block at Southern Seminary. He is also co-author of Old Testament Survey 2d edition (B & H.) along with another of his doctoral professors, Paul House. Dr. Mitchell works with the SWBTS DSS project and has edited fragment FrgDSSDeut4 (Deuteronomy 12:11-14).  He is currently researching a commentary on 1-2 Kings in the Kerux series by Kregel geared toward expositors. 

Dr. Mitchell also directs an archaeological project in Israel: the Tel Gezer Regional Survey and is working on publication of the results.  Dr. Mitchell has served as youth minister to two churches for seven years, as a business administrator for a discipleship ministry, and has frequently taught Bible studies in churches over the last 25 years.

He currently teaches a young Adult Sunday School class at Travis Avenue Baptist Church.