Dr. Mitchell’s research and writing has focused in the area Old Testament Narrative and Biblical (Old Testament) Archaeology. He is most interested in how Old Testament authors literarily shape their texts; as well as how the combined ancient contexts of scripture, historical event, culture and language help us to better understand the author’s intended meaning.

Dr. Mitchell is the author of A Literary Examination of the Function of Satire in the Mišpat Hammelek of I Samuel (Mellen Press) based upon his dissertation at Southern Seminary under Dan Block. He is currently working on a third edition to Old Testament Survey (B & H.) along with another doctoral professor, Paul House. Dr. Mitchell was Associate Editor of the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, revised expanded; and an editor for the Modern English Version Bible translation.

Dr. Mitchell has directed an archaeological project in Israel: the Tel Gezer Regional Survey and is working on publication of the results. Over the years, he has led student, church, archaeological, and photography trips to Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Egypt, and Turkey. Dr. Mitchell has served as youth minister to two churches for seven years, as a business administrator for a discipleship ministry, and has frequently taught Bible studies in churches over the last 25 years.

He assists in teaching Adult Sunday Bible Study at Rock Creek Baptist Church, Texas.