Jim Wicker is the Director of Web-Based Education and Professor of New Testament. He enjoys his responsibilities of teaching both online and in the classroom, directing Southwestern Online, and training faculty how to use software. Online courses are a special interest for Dr. Wicker, and he has extensive experience in online teaching. He values the versatility and flexibility of distance education and strives to integrate into his online courses the same passion for innovative teaching that he exemplifies in the classroom.

Drawing from 19 years of pastoral experience, Dr. Wicker brings to his classes a passion for creative communication and practical application. He likes to use class illustrations from his various hobbies of juggling, Gospel illusions, comedy skits, and 3-D photography.  His primary areas of teaching are the Gospels and biblical backgrounds. Since 1990 he has led annual or bi-annual trips to the Holy Land or Europe, and he incorporates interesting pictures and artifacts from these trips into his teaching. His next trip will be to Israel March 12-22, 2016.

Dr. Wicker is currently writing a devotional book based on his experiences in the Holy Land. He has published eighty-seven newspaper articles related to these trips. He is also writing two books on children’s sermons as well as articles related to digital research and learning.

He and his wife are active members of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, where he teaches Sunday School. He also enjoys supply preaching and serving as an interim pastor when opportunities arise. He has served as the interim pastor at Ridglea Baptist Church in Fort Worth and Retta Baptist Church in Burleson.