Dr. Ryan Stokes is a biblical scholar whose interests span both the Old and New Testaments and include extracanonical Jewish literature, such as the Old Testament Apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  He has published numerous articles, essays, and book reviews on biblical and related literature.  He is currently finishing a book on Satan, evil spirits, and the problem of sin and suffering in the Bible and early Jewish texts.  Dr. Stokes completed his Ph.D. in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at Yale University in 2010 and joined the faculty at Southwestern Seminary in 2011, where he is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Director of the Tandy Manuscript Research Center.  He enjoys teaching students in the classroom, speaking at churches in the community, and giving lectures to various audiences who are interested in learning about the Bible.


Selected Publications


The Rise of Satan:  Sin, Suffering, and the Superhuman in the Hebrew Scriptures and Early Jewish Literature (working title)Grand Rapids:  Eerdmans, 2015. (forthcoming)


“Satan, Yhwh’s Executioner,” Journal of Biblical Literature. (forthcoming)

“The Origin of Sin in the Dead Sea Scrolls,” Southwestern Journal of Theology 52 (2010):  55-67.

“The Devil Made David Do It… Or Did He?  The Nature, Identity, and Literary Origins of the Satan in 1 Chronicles 21,” Journal of Biblical Literature 128 (2009):  91-106.

“The Throne Visions of Daniel 7, 1 Enoch 14, and the Qumran Book of Giants (4Q530):  An Analysis of Their Literary Relationship,” Dead Sea Discoveries 15 (2008):  340-358.

“I, Yhwh, Have Not Changed?  Reconsidering the Translation of Mal 3:6, Lam 4:1, and Prov 24:21-22,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 70 (2008):  264-76.


“What is a Demon, What is an Evil Spirit, and Who is a Satan?” in Jan Dochhorn and Benjamin Wold (eds.).  In Dualism, the Devil, and Demons.  Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament II.  Tübingen:  Mohr Siebeck.  (forthcoming)

“Flood Stories in 1 Enoch 1-36:  Diversity, Unity, and Ideology.”  Pages 231-247 in Jason M. Silverman (ed.), Opening Heaven’s Floodgates:  The Genesis Flood Narrative, Its Context, and Reception.  Piscataway, NJ:  Gorgias, 2013.