Dr. Son has a great passion for the study of the New Testament, Greek, and hermeneutics. He is particularly interested in Pauline studies and the history of early Christianity. For many years, his research has focused on Paul’s life, letters (esp., his Prison Epistles), and theology (esp., his anthropology and ecclesiology). Out of this research, he plans to publish two books that introduce Paul’s life, ministry, and letters, tentatively entitled From Persecutor to Martyr: Stories behind Paul’s Life and Letters and Understanding Paul through His Friends and Foes. Since the publication of his book, Corporate Elements in Pauline Anthropology (2001), Dr. Son has been exploring how Paul’s corporate anthropology relates to other parts of Pauline theology, particularly his view of the church and ministry. In conjunction with this project, he has done extensive research on Paul’s concept of the temple and sacrifice. Dr. Son has also published a festschrift, History and Exegesis (2006) in honor of his mentor, Dr. E. Earle Ellis, and several articles and reviews in academic journals.

Dr. Son is an ordained minister. Prior to embarking on his teaching ministry, he served a church as the senior pastor for 8 years. He still enjoys preaching and teaching in local churches and speaking at conferences and retreats. Dr. Son also enjoys visiting biblical sites in Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. He occasionally organizes biblical tours for students and lay people.