Billy Muth Collection

The collection was donated to Bowld Music Library by Melody Muth-Smith, the daughter of William McKinley Muth in 1997. It contains 784 sheet music, mostly piano arrangements by a wide variety of composers, as well as instrumental music with piano accompaniment. Known as “the master of the organ keyboard, ” Billy Muth was the organist at First Baptist Church and played the pipe organ at the grand old Worth Theater during 1920s, 30s, and early 40s.

Burton Collection

A collection of 160 articles about various aspects of singing technique compiled by the late Robert L. Burton, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Conducting at the School of Church Music.

Canafax Collection

Donated by Louis Canafax, the collection contains program notes from musical performances in the Fort Worth area dating back to 1947. Some of the program notes detail notable symphony orchestras, opera productions, and choral performances. Some program notes have autographs of famous musicians.

Checklist of Baptist Hymnals Published in America

Church Music Workshop

Bowld Music Library catalogs and houses CDs, videotapes, and cassette tapes, as well as anthems from Church Music Workshop sponsored by the School of Church Music, from 1950s to the present. You may limit your search by adding the year of the workshop, such as: Church Music Workshop 2001.

Eugene Maston Collection

Eugene Maston was born on August 30, 1928, in Fort Worth, Texas. His father was the late Baptist ethicist T. B. Maston, professor at Southwestern for 41 years (1922-1963). Gene Maston graduated from Baylor and then received a Bachelor of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary. His call from God into ministry continued with his move to the northeast, where he began work in student ministry. Working within the framework of the student ministries departments of what was then the Baptist Sunday School Board and the Baptist Convention of Maryland, he began Baptist student work at Columbia, West Point, and Vassar.

Mr. Maston’s life reflected his deep personal piety, which found expression through his active involvement in the local church. In Manhattan, he became one of the early members of the Manhattan Baptist Church, where he served as Sunday School teacher and deacon. While in Manhattan, he also taught classes in Philosophy, English literature, and Bible at The College of New Rochelle.

After his many years of ministry, Mr. Maston died in December 2002. A memorial service was held on December 12 at Metro Baptist Church in New York, and he was buried in Fort Worth on December 19th. Throughout his time in New York, Mr. Maston collected valuable hymnals and other scores into a vast library that occupied most every room of his apartment. Through the efforts of the late Dr. William J. Reynolds, Mr. Maston chose to give a portion of his collection to the School of Church Music and the Kathryn Sullivan Bowld Music Library.

The collection contains approximately 2,245 titles. Mr. Maston’s knowledge of hymnology and music history is evident in the variety and eclecticism of the titles. The donation contains a large portion of 19th and 20th century songbooks in addition to a number of rarer items from the 17th and 18th centuries. One outstanding example is a 1620 publication of Claude Goudimel’s settings of the psalms. While numerous editions of this work were published during the late 16th and early 17th centuries, Bowld Music Library now holds the only copy of this work in an American institution, printed by Andreas Clouck, a printer of theological books in Leyden.

Of the many groups of scores and books given by Mr. Maston, four Dutch psalters deserve deeper examination. The group consists of, in order of printing: De CL Psalmen Davids in Nederlantschen dichte overgheset door Petrum Dathenum. Opt Musijke gestalt met vier partien door Claude de Gaudimel . . . Tot Leyden. Andries Clouck, 1620; De CL Psalmen des Propheten Davids, met eenige andere Lof-Zangen: . . . Mr. Cornelis de Leeuw . . . Te Amsterdam, By Ph: Losel, H. Brandt, D. onder de Linden, O. van Grafhorst, G. de Groot, P. Schouten, en Compagnie; De CL Psalmen Des Konincklijcken Prophete Davids. Midtsgaders noch eenighe andere Lof-Sangen. . . . Tot Utrecht, Ghedruckt door Esdras Willemsz Snellaert, 1645; Het Boek der Psalmen, Nevens de Gezangen bij de Hervormde Kerk van Nederland in Gebruik; . . . Te Haarlem, Gedruckt by Johannes Enschede en Zoonen, 1775; and Het Boek der Psalmen, nevens de Gezangen bij de Hervormde Kerk van Nederland in Gebruik; . . . Geheel op Musiek-Nooten met de IIII. Stemmen . . . Te Haarlem, Gedruckt by Johannes Enschedé en Zoonen. MDCCLXXX.

The earliest of these, a 1620 printing of Goudimel’s psalm settings, is one of many printings of the composer’s psalms. The settings are in the nota-contra-notum style and are set in choirbook format. This edition includes the Ten Commandments and the Song of Simeon (Nunc dimittis), found in the 1564 printing, as well as the Song of Zacharias (Benedictus), the Song of Mary (Magnificat), the Apostle’s Creed, and The Lord’s Prayer. Following these settings are two text settings by Jan Untenhove, De Artijkelen des Gheloofs and Den cort Ghebedt voor de Predicatie. The music portion ends with a setting of Christe qui lux es & dies. All of the above mentioned psalters use psalm tunes found in the Genevan psalter.

Instruments in the possession of Bowld Music Library

Over thirty musical instruments are given to the library by international students, music missionaries, and library patrons over the years.

McKinney Collection

The collection was donated by Mrs. Elizabeth McKinney, the wife of Dr. James McKinney. It contains a large amount of program notes which Dr. McKinney was involved in. Dr. McKinney served as the professor and the Dean of the School of Church Music from 1950 to 1994.

Milton Lites Collection

Dr. Milton and Nannette Lites donated 274 of their personal library collection to the library. The collection mainly contains CDs of classical and sacred music, with some hymnals and scores.

William J. Reynolds Collection

William J. Reynolds donated an extensive collection of books and scores upon his retirement from the School of Church Music. The collection spans a lifetime of accumulated materials from travels to various countries and topics of interest such as gospel hymnody and Baptist music. The collection shows evidence of a man who loved God and music and sought to become intimately acquainted with both. The collection is housed in the Douglass Treasure Room of Bowld Music Library.

Stamps-Baxter Convention Books

The Douglass Treasure Room has numerous gospel songs, including the ninety-two titles published by Stamps-Baxter Music Company in Dallas, Texas.

Stebbins Collection

One of the most revered collections in the Bowld Music Library is the George C. Stebbins Collection. The Stebbins Collection contains over 1,100 items and includes hymnals, sacred song-books, histories, biographies, and scrap-books related to American hymnody. Although the Collection contains materials dating from the middle of the eighteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century, the essence of the Collection is gospel hymnody of the revivalistic period of the nineteenth century.

Shape-Note Tunebooks

Shape-note tunebooks and hymnals hold a special place in the history of American social and religious culture. After the Civil War in the American South, a type of gospel hymnody associated primarily with the singing schools and "conventions" used shape-note notation. The earlier oblong four-shape tune books were eventually followed by the oblong seven-shape tune books. Both Christian Harmony (1873), published by William Walker, and Olive Leaf (1878), published by William Hauser, used seven-shape notation.

T.W. Hunt Collection

Thomas W. Hunt donated a large collection of international materials. Both recordings and scores demonstrate his activity in various countries and regions of the world. The materials come from South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and are valuable resources for the mission programs in the School of Church Music. Dr. Hunt began teaching at Southwestern Seminary in 1963 and continued until 1987. He received his B.M. from Ouachita Baptist College in 1950, and his M.M. and PhD. from North Texas State Univeristy in 1957 and 1967. Dr. Hunt has served as a local pastor of various churches and has spent time as pastor and speaker in numerous countries. In 1995, Dr. Hunt retired from the position of Prayer Specialist for the Baptist Sunday School Board which he had held since his departure from the Seminary in 1987.

Thad Roberts Collection

The Thad Roberts collection contains approximately 220 hymnals and gospel song collections from the late 19th and early 20th century America. The items come from various denominations and religious groups to offer a wide scope of research oppurtunities for hymnody. Thad Roberts, an alumnus of The School of Sacred Music here at Southwestern, was a dedicated and talented musician. He received his education from Centennary College, Oklahoma Baptist University, Southwestern Seminary and Teacher’s College Columbia University. He served in numerous churches in Louisianna, Oklahoma, and Texas. In the spring of 2002, the Thad Roberts Chair of Church Music Ministry was established here at Southwestern, with David W. Music (now on faculty at Baylor) as its first recepient.

Thompson Bequest / File

Sara Thompson, the first music librarian of the music library, and her sister generously bequeathed money to the music library. The bequest was utilized to purchase CDs, scores, and a computer which was designated for the Music Index on CD and other multi-media CDs.