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God desires to see every nation, tribe and tongue hear and embrace the hope and salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

Be a part of that mission to make disciples of all nations. In the Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, you’ll experience spiritual growth through mentorship, a solid theological grounding in Scripture, and coursework that equips you to share the Gospel with intelligence, relevance and boldness.

Southwesterners are currently taking the Gospel to villages in Russia, monks in Chang Mai, Thailand, Vietnamese populations in Port Arthur, Texas, and unreached people groups in Madagascar. They are planting churches in the post-modern Northeast and working to rejuvenate once-thriving congregations in the Midwest. Join in, engage and watch God do amazing things.

Who We Are

Professors at Southwestern come with world-class credentials and a passion for the Bible, the church and evangelism. In the Roy Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, you’ll interact with your professors both inside and outside the classroom. Engage them in conversation, join them for lunch or join them on the mission field as you learn while you serve.

Meet Our Dean

Keith Eitel

Dean, The Fish School of Evangelism and Missions

  • Served as a career missionary in Cameroon, West Africa
  • Missions professor, missions praxis leader, and director of the World Missions Center
  • Author of Paradigm Wars: The Southern Baptist International Mission Board Faces the Third Millenium and Transforming Culture: Developing a Biblical Ethic in an African Context

Evangelism & Missions Faculty


“My prayer is that you’ll become one of three things: an active missionary with the world on your heart, an active sender of missionaries, or else recognize we're likely to be miserable the rest of our lives for ignoring the clear will of Christ stated in the Great Commission.”

Keith Eitel

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The Fish School of Evangelism and Missions has bachelor’s and master’s degrees that can prepare you for ministry.

Wherever God calls you, the Fish School of Evangelism and Missions will equip you to handle the Word of God and make disciples of all nations.

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