The Southwestern MA in Archaeology and Biblical Studies

The Master of Arts in Archaeology and Biblical Studies is a graduate-level degree offering advanced work in classical archaeological disciplines. The 56-hour degree builds upon 42 hours of prerequisites and includes courses in archaeological methods, fieldwork, the history and backgrounds of the Bible lands, and ancient biblical and cognate languages.

Spiritual Formation 2 hours
Archaeology 21 hours
Biblical Backgrounds/History 15 hours
Biblical/Cognate Languages 6 hours
Electives 6 hours
Thesis  6 hours
Total  56 hours

Students pursuing the Southwestern MA in Archaeology and Biblical Studies are eligible to complete the following courses:

  • Archaeology of Ancient Israel
  • Archaeology of the New Testament World
  • Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
  • Archaeology and History of the Early Church
  • Archaeological Field Excavation Methods
  • Archaeological Practicum
  • Archaeological Method and Theory
  • Ceramic Analysis
  • Historical Geography of the Land of the Bible
  • History of Ancient Israel
  • History of the Second Temple Period
  • Social and Cultural Settings of Ancient Palestine
  • Social and Cultural Settings of Palestine during the Roman Period

In addition, Southwestern offers a vibrant research program: The Tel Gezer Excavation Project, a museum, and a seminar room with a growing hands-on artifact study collection.

Tel Gezer Project Tandy Institute

For further information contact:
Dr. Steven Ortiz
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