Chaplains carry the name of Jesus to all sectors of life, whether it be the battle field or the ball field, the operating room or the board room. Often, chaplains are the only spiritual voice in the lives of people who otherwise would never darken the door of a church. Southwestern Seminary has a rich legacy of training chaplains for ministry in any context.

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Chaplaincy Scholarship Fund

Military, First Responder, Prison, Hospital and Corporate Chaplains are among those who extend the reach of pastoral care to the front lines of the injured soul. The Chaplaincy Scholarship Fund is proud to support students studying to love and share the Gospel in the role of chaplain. 

  • The student must be a full-time student in the seminary at the Fort Worth Campus and enrolled in the M.Div. chaplaincy concentration.
  • The student must demonstrate a clear call to ministry and be making normal progress toward graduation.
  • The student must be a member of a Southern Baptist Church, be of sound moral character and possess an exceptional commitment to Christian ministry.
  • Scholarship Deadlines:
    • August 1 for Fall semesters
    • December 1 for Spring semesters
    • May 1 for summer terms
  • The student must submit a personal statement.

Interested in training for chaplaincy?

Master of Divinity with concentration in chaplaincy

Chaplaincy Concentration Courses
Course Title Course Number Hours
The Chaplain Ministry PASMN 4453 3
Biblical Counseling PASMN 4323 3
Choose one of the following PASMN electives:   3
Conflict Ministry in the Church or PASMN 4343 or  
Corporate Chaplaincy or PASMN 4463 or  
Premarital and Marriage Counseling PASMN 4533  
Choose one of the following PASMN electives:   6
Practicum in Ministry or PASMN 4406 or  
Clinical Pastoral Care PASMN 5486  
  Total 15

Doctor of Ministry