Volume 52, No. 2 - Spring 2010

Theology and Reading

Managing Editor: Malcolm B. Yarnell III

This issue of the Southwestern Journal of Theology is devoted to promoting this virtue of reading. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Seminary, begins the issue with a short explanation of why he strongly encourages all of his students to obtain 1,500 physical volumes prior to their graduation. Afterwards, Mark Leeds, our Registrar, presents a compelling essay in defense of why reading must be considered a virtue for the Christian. The remainder of the issue is composed of book reviews from various professors, pastors, and advanced theological students. Our Editorial hope in bringing these reviews from experts within the various theological disciplines into one issue is that their constructively critical, keen, and appreciative minds will inform your own reading practices. The reviews have been arranged by subject area, typically alphabetically but canonically within the field of biblical studies and chronologically within the field of historical studies.

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