Volume 53, No. 1 - Fall 2010

Dead Sea Scrolls

Managing Editor: Malcolm B. Yarnell III

Christianity wages warfare against two opposing worldviews: mysticism, which would dismiss reason entirely, and scientism, which would exalt reason unduly. Both are manifested in contemporary culture. For many in our age, modern science seems to be dissolving before the acidic onslaught of a mystical postmodernism. Even more recently, a resurgent militant atheism has attacked any form of theism as incompatible with enlightened rationality. As an historical and intellectual yet spiritual and simple faith, Christianity takes firm stands against both the mystical and the scientistic errors. On the one hand, our faith depends upon the eyewitness of the apostles, who literally saw the God-man die and were then amazingly transformed by Jesus’ bodily resurrection. On the other hand, our faith is based on a hope that we ourselves may neither see nor measure in the same way that a geometrician calculates the hypotenuse of a triangle or a physicist measures the speed of light. Christianity does not fit within the modernist or the postmodernist worldviews, because it sublimely integrates historical objectivity with spiritual fideism.

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