Here at Southwestern, you are so much more than a donor.  We refer to you as a “ministry partner” because we believe that you are partnering with us as we fulfill our mission to Preach the Word and Reach the World.  Look below for some opportunities to partner with us as we seek together to accomplish all the Lord has for us.


Southwestern Fund: The Southwestern Fund supports the operating budget and subsidizes tuition, housing, and services. Southwestern Fund serves as the most effective way to help students. Every dollar to the annual fund is a dollar towards our student’s overall education costs thereby keeping tuition as low as possible.

Scholarships: Gifts to named and general scholarships provide much needed assistance to students who otherwise likely would not be able to complete their education. The Cooperative Program covers a portion of tuition for students who are members of Southern Baptist churches, but students are responsible for the remainder. Scholarships free students from financial burdens so they can faithfully train for God’s calling on their lives and graduate with little to no debt.

Endowment Fund: Endowments support the future needs of Southwestern, including operating budget, academic programs, scholarships, professorships and academic chairs.  An endowment is a principle gift which continually distributes annual income to the seminary indefinitely and is a great way to maximize resources and stewardship.

Student Housing and Capital Needs: This covers expenses in the design, construction and annual operation of our educational facilities and student housing.

DID YOU KNOW: The average annual gift to the Southwestern Fund is $425, or just $35/month? Become a ministry partner today.

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