“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” - Phil 4:19

Women’s Auxiliary Scholarships

Southwestern’s Women’s Auxiliary is proud to provide scholarships for women to study and excel in God’s Word at the certificate, bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. levels. Southwestern Seminary prioritizes preparing women for the places of service God has called them to fill. Your donations help women grow strong in their walk with the Lord and teach others to do the same.

Endowed scholarships are created at a minimum level of $10,000 and an expendable general scholarship can be funded at any level. Earnings from the endowment distribution are used to fund the scholarships. The principal remains untouched, maintaining the scholarship for perpetuity.

To set up a Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at friendsofsouthwestern@swbts.edu or 817.923.1921 ext. 7200.

For information on applying for a Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship, contact Financial Aid.

“I want to thank Women's Auxiliary ministry partners who invest in the hearts and minds of students like me. Beyond meeting an immediate financial need, your gifts enable us to communicate the riches of God's grace to the next generation.”

Katie McCoy
Women's Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient



“The Women's Auxiliary scholarship has been a concrete testimony of the Lord's provision for and affirmation of His calling upon my life. I and my family and church family have been profoundly thankful for the generosity and vision of those who make these scholarships possible. These gifts magnify the Lord's faithfulness, bringing immeasurable honor to Christ's name.”

Tamra Hernandez
Women's Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient



Thank you to our gracious ministry partners
who have provided funds for the following scholarships.



  • Floy M. Barnard Endowed Scholarship for Women
  • Barbara J. Terry Endowment Fund for Women’s Studies
  • Clara Elizabeth Adkins Golden Scholarship
  • Lois Eleanor Adkins Coston Scholarship
  • Gail Cox Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Michelle Dixon Cronk Endowed Music Scholarship for Organ/Keyboard
  • Dorothy Patterson Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Margaret Edith Adkins Lawrence Scholarship
  • Mary Janet Adkins Clements Scholarship
  • Marianne Arrendell Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Janie Ashley Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Mrs. W. A. (Betty) Criswell Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Carol Ann Draper Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Tamara L. Galbraith Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Paula Hemphill Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Joan V. Horner Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship

  • Phoebe Nan Wiley Lambeth Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Brenda M. Thomas Cochran Scholarship Fund
  • Lillian Catherine Adkins Richardson Scholarship
  • Ruth Guyer Adkins Caldwell Scholarship
  • Alva Esther Adkins Silliman Scholarship
  • Thelma Frances Adkins Scholarship
  • Doris Kelley Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Ira Leta Phillips Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Shirley Coston Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Jay and Terri Stovall Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Donna Axum Whitworth Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Christian Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Susie Hawkins Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Nancy Sullivan Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Janet Vines Scholarship
  • June Richards Endowed Scholarship
  •  The Mary French “Priscilla” Scholarship



Endowed Scholarship for Ministry Wives

These scholarships are inspired by women in Scripture who model what it takes to be a ministry wife. You can partner with us in providing for ministry wives by funding one of the following four levels of endowed scholarships.  Coinciding with the endowed amounts, each scholarship offers various levels of conference attendance and mentoring.

  • The “Priscilla” Scholarship
  • The “Elizabeth” Scholarship
  • The “Mary and Martha” Scholarship
  • The “Dorcas” Scholarship
  Endowed Scholarship
Use Priscilla
Acts 18, Rom. 16:3
Mary and Martha
Luke 10:38-42
Luke 1:5-25, 39-66
Acts 9:36-43
Tuition, fees, books X X X X
Selected Conference Attendance X X    
Other   Mentoring by Women's Program faculty    

To set up a Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at friendsofsouthwestern@swbts.edu or 817.923.1921 ext. 7200.

“Being a recipient of the Mary French Priscilla Scholarship has been such a blessing in my life! This scholarship has uniquely enabled me to grow in both my roles as wife and student. Through this program and other ministries, I have come to firmly believe that no other seminary has a Women's Auxiliary so completely able to minister to and meet the needs of its women!”

Katie Fruge
Mary French Priscilla Scholarship Recipient