ID Card

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will issue each student, faculty, and their dependents ID cards for those who are 5 years and older. Upon arrival at the RAC, each member must use their ID card to scan in.

Children ages 14 or below are not allowed in the RAC or on RAC grounds without adult supervision. They must be supervised at all times. Children ages 14 and under who are attending classes at the RAC must be escorted by a parent/guardian to and from each class session.


RAC members may bring up to three guests.  Members 16 and older are eligible to have paying guests or be a supervisor to RAC members 14 and under.  All guests must be accompanied by a host member while at the RAC and must register, pay, and sign in upon entering the building.  Hosts are responsible for their guests and are required to participate in the same area and activity as their guest at all times.  Guests must leave the building at the same time their host leaves.  The guest fees are as follows:

  • $2 for 5 years to 14 years
  • $3 for 15 years and older
  • Weekly passes for guests are $7
  • Monthly passes for guests are $35

For more information, please contact the RAC at 817-923-1921 ext. 3900