This mission trip will mobilize students to reach Central Asian communities living in Germany.

A typical day of ministry may include meeting at a local park and doing fun activities like games with kids, henna drawing for the ladies, backgammon, music, and a cook out. Sometimes the event itself becomes the platform for sharing the Gospel. Other times we'll use these events to invite people to a local church where we will show the Jesus film or some other Gospel presentation.

Students will be able to support national partners as they engage Central Asians in their heart language, as well as draw others in for spiritual conversations.

In addition, we will explore and celebrate the rich Protestant heritage of Germany, with stops along the way at historical sites related to figures like Martin Luther.

Class credit available for both graduate and undergraduate students:
3 hours MISSN 5523
Three-hour Praxis
Open to college students for their mission trip requirement.

Email to learn more and sign up.