You don't have to wait until graduation to start pursuing the Great Commission. At Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College, ministry begins now.
This summer, come work alongside long-term missionaries in Tokyo, Japan. Here are some of the skills you will learn and practice:
  • Street evangelism
  • College campus evangelism
  • ESL Ministry
  • Christian school ministry (middle/high school)
  • Café ministry
  • Praise Team ministry
  • Pre-Olympics ministry preparations/evangelism
Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome on this trip, and class credit is available for both.
6 seminary credit hours available:
  • MISSN 5583-JP - A Practicum in World Religions: Japan (3 hours)
  • MISSN 5593-JP - A Practicum in International Evangelism (3 hours)

4 college credit hours available:

  • HIS 2103-JP - World Religions: Japan (3 hours)
  • MIS 3201-JP - International Mission Trip (1 hour)
Contact the SWBTS World Missions Center for more information: