Stand Firm 2018 Apologetics Conference at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Date: March 23-24th, 2018
Location: Riley Center 150
Prices: $30 for student; $40 for non-student
             $40 for student at the door; $50 for non-student at the door

Keynote speakers: Nancy Pearcey (Houston Baptist University) & Tim McGrew (W. Michigan University)
Other speakers include: John Depoe, Tawa Anderson, Allen Hainline, Paul Gould, Ross Inman, Keith Loftin, and Travis Dickinson

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Conference Schedule

7pm Plenary 1: Nancy Pearcey Humane Sexuality: Guidance for the Sexual Wasteland
8:15pm Workshops 1:
1. Tawa Anderson Whose Problem? The Argument For God From Evil
2. Paul Gould Beauty and Imagination in Apologetics
3. Keith Loftin Why Christian Physicalism is a Bad Idea
9am Workshops 2:
1. Allen Hainline Cosmic ‘Coincidences’
2. Corey Miller Leaving Mormonism: A New Book and Approach for Engaging Those Near the Door of the ‘ Mormon Exodus’
3. Tim McGrew How to Think about Miracles
10:15am Plenary 2: Nancy Pearcey Test Everything: Five Principles for Answering Any Worldview
11:15am Workshops 3:
1. John Depoe The Argument from Reason
2. Amy Davison Apologetics and Teens
3. Tim McGrew The Evidential Value of the Book of Acts
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Workshops 4:
1. Travis Dickinson Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster?
2. Ross Inman The Evidential Value of a Transformed Life
3. Nancy Pearcey The Big Picture: Apologetics for All of Western Thought and Culture in One Hard Lesson
3pm Plenary 3: Tim McGrew Why are there Differences in the Gospels?

Workshop Tracks:
Track 1: Reasons for God
Track 2: Outreach
Track 3: Advanced Apologetics