Stand Firm 2017 Apologetics conference at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

March 3-4, 2017
Friday Night: A Christian/Atheist dialogue on “Is Faith Reasonable? Is Faith Good?”
Speakers: John Mark Reynolds and Michael Shermer
Location: Truett Auditorium

Saturday: Conference Keynotes - Tim McGrew and John Mark Reynolds
Other speakers include: Dr. Greg Trickett, Dr. Steve Lee, Sam Dallas, and Southwestern's own Dr. Paul Gould, Dr. Ross Inman, Dr. R. Keith Loftin, and Dr. Travis Dickinson
Location: Riley Center 150 (South Entrance)

Debate with Michael Shermer ($15.00 USD)
Debate with Michael Shermer (Student Rate) ($10.00 USD)
Conference Registration ($30.00 USD)
Conference Registration (Student Rate) ($20.00 USD)
Group Pay (5+) Debate with Michael Shermer (Student) ($8.00 USD)
Group Pay (5+) Debate with Michael Shermer (Non-Student) ($10.00 USD)
Group Pay (5+) Conference Registration ($15)

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Event Schedule
Dialogue on faith (Friday night 7-9pm) Doors open at 6pm
John Mark Reynolds and Michael Shermer

Conference (Saturday)
Plenary speakers: Tim McGrew & John Mark Reynolds

8:30am       Plenary 1: Tim McGrew “The Ring of Truth: How the Gospels Authenticate One Another”
9:45am       Plenary 2: John Mark Reynolds “Objective Beauty: Seeing the Face of God”
11:00am     Workshops 1
12:00pm     Lunch
1:30pm       Workshops 2
2:45pm       Workshops 3
4:00pm       Plenary 3: Tim McGrew “The Verdict of History: How Non-Christian Sources Authenticate the Gospels"
5:00pm       Wrap up

Workshop Breakouts:
Evangelism Track
1.       Ross Inman “Apologetics, Evangelism, and The Art of Christian Persuasion”
2.      Sam Dallas “Sharing and Defending Your Faith with Mormons”
3.      Steve Lee "Witness and Evangelism Among People of Other Faiths"
Cultural Apologetics Track
1.       Paul Gould “Longing for a 'Far off Country,’ the Argument for Desire, and God”
2.      Keith Loftin “God and the Reasonableness of Flourishing”
3.      Greg Trickett “On the Apologetic Uses of Fantasy”
Advanced Apologetics Track
1.       Tim McGrew “The Forgotten Legacy: Classic Works and Contemporary Issues in Apologetics”
2.      John Mark Reynolds “The Signs of a Culture in Crisis and What Can Be Done”
3.      Travis Dickinson “The Epistemology of Doubt”