Your gifts provide for students adversely affected by COVID-19 so they can continue to receive the highest quality seminary education.

Southwestern Fund: Contributions to this fund provide essential funding for training God-called men and women who are engaging in Christian ministry. The Southwestern Fund provides support for the overall mission of the school by funding strategic investments that improve and enhance the student experience. For example, gifts to this fund help underwrite campus technology essential to online courses, the campus medical clinic, police department, library, and other student services. Every dollar given to the Southwestern Fund is a dollar towards a student’s overall education cost that, in turn, helps minimize student indebtedness by addressing areas of greatest need that would otherwise be met with an increase in tuition.

Student Emergency Assistance Fund: Contributions to this fund provide support for students adversely affected by crisis or emergency. The Student Emergency Assistance Fund provides financial assistance for rent, medical bills, educational costs, groceries, and other emergency needs.

Scholarships: Contributions to scholarships help alleviate a student’s financial burden while attending seminary or college, which helps minimize student indebtedness. The importance of minimizing and potentially eliminating debt incurrence for students cannot be overstated. This is particularly true for missionaries whose appointment interview includes an assessment of the candidate’s financial situation. Moreover, scholarships provide students with the opportunity to take additional courses each semester by reducing the demands of employment while attending seminary or college.