During spring break of 2015, Advanced Master of Divinity student Nelson Fonseca spent the week preaching and evangelizing in Pampa, Texas, as part of Southwestern’s Revive This Nation effort, wherein students and professors preach in churches across America and evangelize the communities around them. However, after the week ended, Fonseca knew his work in Pampa was not complete. He believed the Lord was calling him to return there with a group from his church.

From July 10–12, Fonseca led a group of 37 people from New Life Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, for a weekend of evangelism in Pampa. “We have been praying for this trip since March. We prayed for the Lord to prepare the hearts of people to hear the Gospel and respond to it.” During the 48-hour trip, 44 people made professions of faith, more than 2,000 Gospel tracts were distributed, and more than 200 Gospel presentations were made.

When the group arrived on Friday, July 10, they prepared for evening services in a local park and set up a bounce house and other activities to attract local families. In addition, throughout the weekend, the group divided into two smaller groups for door-to-door evangelism.

While visiting one home in Pampa, Fonseca met a woman named Carmen. As she opened the door, Fonseca noticed a cross hanging on the wall. Many families in Pampa are Catholic, so he used this to start the conversation, asking who gave her the cross. The woman began to cry, explaining that her husband, who died three years ago, had given it to her. Fonseca sympathized with her story of loss, but he explains that it opened up the opportunity to share the Gospel and tell her of the hope she can have in Christ. Before they left, Carmen surrendered her life to Jesus.

Fonseca says the connections he has made in Pampa would not be possible had it not been for Revive This Nation and that follow-up and discipleship is an important part of these evangelistic efforts. “If even just 50 percent of those who participated in Revive This Nation made connections and decided to go back with a group, imagine the impact we could have on these cities.”

This two-day trip left Fonseca’s fellow church members excited and eager to return again. Fonseca says, “It was about the willingness of the people. We are talking about people who don’t have any college or seminary degree. But they know how to share the Gospel. To me, that is the most important thing. We don’t worry about numbers but are just obedient.”