On Thursday, Sept. 10, 29 Southwestern students and faculty members evangelized the community around the seminary campus. Collectively, they saw four people profess faith in Christ. In response to this amazing work of the Holy Spirit, Matt Queen, L.R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism (“Chair of Fire”) says, “Thank God that the flames of soul-winning, lit by Carroll and Scarborough so many years ago, still burn brightly!”

One of these new believers, named Jose, was led to the Lord by a team of students led by Adjunct Faculty Member Charles Stewart. In his written account of the experience, Stewart summarized, “Jose works for a landscaping business, and God had him arrive home early today so that our team could introduce him to the Lord Jesus! How we praise the Lord for His mercies and faithfulness today.”

Stewart’s team comprised Bachelor of Science student Devon Walters and Master of Divinity student Cody Perkins. Assigned to a particular street through the “Going the Second Mile” program, the team was knocking on its first door when they noticed Jose getting out of his truck and going into a house three doors down. Because it was one of the homes they were assigned to visit, the team worked their way down the street and knocked on Jose’s door.

As Stewart recalls, Jose was courteous to the three evangelists and attentive to their conversation. Stewart eventually steered the discussion into a Romans 6:23 Gospel presentation, handing Jose a Gospel tract so he could follow along. Then, when Stewart asked him if he would like to receive God’s gift of eternal life and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, Jose affirmed his desire to do so. In response, Stewart joyfully led him in the sinner’s prayer.

The Southwestern team proceeded to share follow-up information and exchanged phone numbers. Perkins proceeded to contact Jose and offer to give him a ride to Birchman Baptist Church the following Sunday.

The other Southwestern teams had encouraging experiences, as well. M.Div. student Todd Tucker’s team, for example, led a 12-year-old boy to Christ. Professor of Pastoral and Applied Ministry Michael Wilson and his team of four students saw one person accept Christ and another show an interest in exploring Christianity further. In addition, God afforded them the opportunity to pray with a former Southwestern student who was struggling with a particular issue. And as if these experiences were not powerful enough, Wilson says all four students from his team indicated their desire to engage in more evangelism in the future, continuing the tradition of soul-winning begun by Southwestern’s founders so many years ago.