On Nov. 11, Yumiko Mitsumizo and Snowflower Dong, Master of Arts students at Southwestern Seminary, launched out for a day of evangelism with David Cotton and Derese Cecil, members of Calvary Baptist Church in Kaufman, Texas. As the four knocked on doors in an apartment complex in Fort Worth and approached various students at Texas Christian University, God led two people to profess faith in Christ through their testimony.

Their efforts were part of Southwestern’s “Going the Second Mile,” an evangelism initiative seeking to share the Gospel with every household and campus within a two-mile radius of the seminary. Dong says that members from Calvary Baptist Church come every month to join Second Mile evangelism.

The first profession of faith occurred at an apartment complex. When the team knocked on one of the doors, a man named Kevin answered. He initially tried to close the door when he saw the evangelists, but before he could, a member of the team managed to ask, “If you die today and stand before God, God will ask you why He should let you into heaven. How would you answer Him?”

Kevin reluctantly gave a works-based answer. Despite Kevin’s wary attitude, the team took the opportunity to share the full Gospel with him, guiding him through the Bible to present the good news of Jesus Christ. God touched Kevin’s heart that day, for he prayed with the team in repentance of his sins and made the decision to follow Christ as his Savior. He also accepted from the team the gift of a Bible following his profession of faith.

After leading Kevin to Christ, the four evangelists struck up a conversation with another resident when the apartment manager came and asked them to leave. “At first, I thought that Satan was preventing our evangelism,” Mitsumizo recalls. “But God had a plan to save another man and moved our team to go to the TCU campus.”

When the team arrived at TCU, they approached several students and engaged them in spiritual conversation. One of the students was Tyler, who was finishing his last semester at the school.

Tyler seemed distant when the team first started talking to him about Jesus, Mitsumizo says, but he opened his heart more and more during the conversation. As Dong explained sin, atonement and repentance, Tyler asked questions about free will and sin, and he ultimately said he was willing to repent.

“At the end of the conversation, Tyler was totally changed by God’s power,” Mitsumizo recalls. “He was willing to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord, and he was guided to the prayer of repentance and the decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ.” Witnessing God’s sovereign work in Kevin and Tyler excited the team and filled their hearts with gratitude for His saving power, Mitsumizo says.

Mitsumizo and Dong confess that it is God who seeks and saves the lost, and not their own human efforts. “Evangelism is for everybody—to obey and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ,” Dong emphasizes. “We want to encourage our students here to share the Gospel, to share Jesus. We give all glory to God.”