Last fall, Master of Divinity student Nakwon You was reminded to never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Part of Malcolm Yarnell’s Systematic Theology III course during the fall 2019 semester, You fulfilled a class assignment in a unique way. Yarnell, research professor of systematic theology, requires all of his students in the course to share the Gospel with someone who is lost, then “reflect upon that event in a theological way.” Yarnell says that several hundred people have been saved over the last 15 years because of this assignment. 

You desired to share the Gospel with his grandmother, for whom he and his family have been praying for more than a decade. Unfortunately, she lives in Korea, and You is unable to return there at this time. His solution: write her a letter about the Gospel. 

Due to his grandmother’s advanced age and poor health, You’s mother read the letter aloud to her and carefully shared the Gospel. After hearing the Gospel presentation, You’s grandmother “acknowledged the presence of Jesus Christ for the first time in her life and shared her desire to get to know Him more,” You says. 

“I’m not sure if my grandmother is saved, but for her to say such a thing was simply a miracle to us,” he continues. “She struggles to even recognize any of our family members at this stage of her life, yet she was able to comprehend the concept of salvation.” 

In light of his family’s persistent prayers for his grandmother, You says that “to see the Holy Spirit move in her heart like this was astonishing.”

Beyond this encouraging experience, the letter continued to prove impactful. You’s mother, “a faithful church member,” began to share this story with her friends at church, You says. After reviewing the letter, these friends requested copies, and when You’s mother obliged, they took their copies of the letter to their own friends and family in order to present the Gospel to them. 

“Last time I heard, there were about 8-12 people, and they have been sharing it regularly with their family members,” You says.

“If I’m being honest, I completely underestimated the power of the Holy Spirit,” says You. “I just did not expect God to move in such a way. My family is greatly encouraged by the Lord’s work and beyond grateful for the gift of salvation.”

When You shared this with Yarnell, his professor took to Twitter to share the news, concluding, “Praise the Lord!”

You replied, “Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit.”