Desiring to be more deliberate in sharing the Gospel, a student approached Tommy Kiker and asked if he could accompany him the next time he did door-to-door evangelism. Kiker, associate professor of pastoral theology at Southwestern Seminary, has long been passionate about inspiring young men to pursue their ministries wholeheartedly, and so he agreed to let the student tag along during his next Everyday Evangelism outing.

This opportunity arose the following week, and the two hit the streets of Fort Worth to share the Gospel with Southwestern’s neighbors. “I could tell my student was nervous but was determined to be obedient in the task,” Kiker recalls.

They knocked on several doors, with Kiker leading the conversations. “Some homes we got no answer,” Kiker says. “But at one, we had the opportunity to encourage a believer; and at another, I was able to share some of the Gospel, but with no real response.”

After a few houses, Kiker asked his student if he wanted to take the lead. With some level of apprehension, the student agreed to do so and proceeded to knock on the next door.

“I began praying for the Lord to grant him calmness and clarity,” Kiker says. A young man in his early 20s opened the door, and the student began sharing their purpose for visiting.

“The young man invited us in and was listening intently,” Kiker says. “As my student began to walk through the Gospel, it quickly became obvious this young man was under conviction, and God was dealing with him in a real way.”

With his student leading the discussion, Kiker remembers thinking to himself, “Call for a response, call for a response, give him a chance to respond!” Eventually, the student asked the young man if he understood what had been shared and if he would like to give his life to Christ. The young man immediately said “yes” and prayed a “touching prayer”—calling out to Jesus; confessing Him as Lord; and declaring his belief in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

“The joy in the student’s heart was immeasurable,” Kiker says. “God had greatly honored his obedience, and a young man had been ushered into the Kingdom. I joked a little about being jealous my student had the opportunity rather than me, but I was grateful the Lord worked the way He did.”

“We have heard it said we should enjoy fishing as much as catching when it comes to evangelism,” Kiker says. “We should also be sure not to miss out on the great celebration when our brothers and sisters catch as well!”