When Ariel Lee, a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling student at Southwestern, met a young man named Lawrence in an evangelism encounter several months ago, Lawrence rejected the Gospel outright. On Sept. 16, however, when engaged a second time with the Good News, Lawrence’s heart was softened.

In the afternoon hours of Sept. 16, Lee and Master of Divinity student Emmanuel Escareno were on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington, seeking to harvest souls for Christ. The pair had a difficult time at the beginning. “Our first evangelistic encounters did not fair well,” Escareno recalls. Several people whom they engaged rejected the Gospel message.

As Lee and Escareno walked around the campus trying to find someone else to whom they could speak, Escareno says, “An individual was highlighted to me.” He suggested to Lee that they approach this individual—a young man sitting on a bench.

As they drew near, Lee realized that the young man was Lawrence, a student whom he met during the spring semester in a previous evangelism effort. Back then, Lawrence told Lee that he had no need of the Gospel. “As long as people do well,” Lawrence had said, “God will let them into heaven.”

In this second meeting, Lee asked Lawrence if he had any further questions about God or the Christian faith. Just as he had rejected the faith the first time, Lawrence again stated that he had no questions.

Escareno, however, felt guided by the Spirit to present the Gospel to Lawrence once more. He asked Lawrence if he remembered what Lee said last semester and where he thought he would go if he died that day. Although Lawrence repeated that he was going to be fine after death, Escareno proceeded to explain to him the difference between knowledge and true faith.

As Escareno spoke, he saw a change in Lawrence’s countenance. “He was very attentive,” Escareno remembers. The Gospel seemed to be touching his heart.

When Escareno finished witnessing, Lawrence confessed that his idea of salvation being based on the works of human beings is different from what the Bible says. Escareno asked if there was anything that held Lawrence back from giving his life to God, and Lawrence said “no.” Led by Escareno, Lawrence then made a profession of faith, inviting Christ into his life.

Lawrence thanked Escareno and Lee for sharing the Gospel with him that day. The two evangelists then exchanged contact information with him and invited him to join their church. “It was amazing to see God at work,” Escareno says.