Thanks to spring rains and the sun’s dependable warmth, lawns are in early stages of growth this time of year, showing hints of their potential glory. And after some Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary student evangelists planted the seeds of the Gospel, along with steady measures of Scripture and encouragement, the faith of two new Christians is budding as well.

Master of Divinity student Emily Bond and her group of student evangelists met Kevin in late March as he was doing yard work for a neighbor. “Walking up to him, I immediately sensed the Lord impressing on me to pray for his salvation, for the soil of his heart was soft,” Bond says.

After inquiring about his spiritual background, the group discovered that Kevin had previously attended a church but was displeased with the way the preacher interacted with his congregation. Kevin also said he struggled with the fact that “pastors always have nice things, and we do not.”

Kevin had never heard the Gospel before, so they shared with him the Good News of Jesus Christ and how he can have salvation by grace through faith. 

“Kevin stated that he had never repented from his sins or trusted Jesus with his life, and wanted to do so that day,” Bond says. “We prayed with him as he received the forgiveness of Christ.” 

The evangelists also gave Kevin the Gospel of John, a tract summarizing what they had shared, and resources to get connected to a local church. Furthermore, they encouraged him to be baptized.

During the conversation, Kevin’s wife and 14-month-old child were sitting in an adjacent van with the window open, listening to what was being said. “Pray for the salvation of Kevin’s wife and child!” Bond says. 

A few days later, on a warm Thursday afternoon, Alex Ng and his team of evangelists stopped by a house where a Hispanic woman, Magdelina, also was doing yard work, blowing leaves off her sidewalk. 

“One of our team members walked up with a smile and engaged her in a conversation,” says Ng, a Ph.D. student in evangelism. “After introducing us, he asked if she had any spiritual beliefs.”

Magdelina said that she was a Christian, so the evangelists asked to hear her story. “She responded with a baffled look and said that she grew up in a Christian home,” Ng says. 

The team asked if she had ever made the conscious decision to follow Christ. She had no response.

“The team member asked if Magdelina knew where she would be after she dies,” recalls Ng. “She said she would be in heaven but was not sure why.”

The team shared the Gospel with her. Magdelina knew that Jesus gave His life on the cross and that He loves her, but the team had to explain to her that Jesus died not only because He loves her but also for her sins. Simply growing up in a Christian home and going to church is not sufficient for salvation, they explained.

“We brought her to Romans 10:9 and shared with her about believing Jesus with the heart and confessing Him as Lord,” Ng says. “We gave her the invitation and asked if she would like to repent and believe at that moment.” 

Magdelina replied, “I don’t see why not!” 

Another team member prayed with Magdelina in “her heart language”—Spanish—to receive Christ. Before leaving, they exchanged numbers to follow up with her and connect her with a local body of believers.