Southwestern’s admissions team prayed during their Monday morning meeting for the prospective students they would call that week—that the prospects would discern and obey the Lord’s will, and that the admissions team would display godly character in their interactions. As most Southwesterners do, the admissions team also prayed for the salvation of the lost, especially as the semester’s “Everyday Evangelism” efforts were beginning later that day.

One staff member was late to this meeting, Aug. 28. Though Timothy Sudolcan had arrived at work early that morning in order to be on-time for the meeting, something—or rather, someone—had caught his attention when he drove onto campus. He noticed a hooded figure sitting between the Riley Center and MacGorman Chapel. After setting his stuff down in his office, he felt a “a nudge” to go and talk to the person, so, with permission from his boss, he did so.

The person was a woman in her early 20s. Sudolcan asked her if everything was OK, and she informed him that she was just using the seminary’s Wi-Fi to make sure all her plans for a trip to Mexico were in order. Sudolcan asked her why she was going to Mexico, and she responded, “To find peace.”

Sudolcan asked if he could sit down and speak with her. He then told her that he knew how she could find true peace in Christ.

The woman shared her story with him, which included her being thrown out of a truck at knifepoint the night before. “She said that she was done with life and was tired of trying,” Sudolcan says.

“I told her about the joy of Christ and His freedom,” he continues. “I shared the Gospel with her and told her how much God loved her.

“I asked her if she wanted to put her trust and faith in Christ, and she did. Through tears, she prayed, and then I prayed for her.”

Sudolcan offered to get the woman a Bible, but she said she already had one at her mother’s house, which is where she intended to go next. Sudolcan gave her his card and assured her that he would be available if she needed anything. He then joined the admissions team’s meeting, joyful to have welcomed a new sister into the family of God.

Upon hearing this story, Chair of Fire Matt Queen summarized, “Unknown to Timothy, the admissions team was praying for the lost as he was witnessing to a lady who was lost … and she received Christ! Praise the Lord for His blessings on us!”