Katherine Waters,* an outgoing 2+2 student from Southwestern, will serve as a missionary among the Karamojong people in northern Uganda. Presently, however, she is undergoing Field Personnel Orientation with the International Mission Board in Richmond, Va. Even so, despite not yet being on her designated field of service, Waters is already winning souls for Christ, sharing the Gospel with whomever is around her.

The week of Aug. 17, while she and some of her classmates were waiting at a bus stop, a man named Kevin approached them and asked for a few dollars to pay for gasoline so he could get home. Waters said she would help him if he would first allow her to share a story with him. He consented, so Waters shared the Gospel with him and inquired about where he stood with God and with religion.

Over the next hour, as Waters and her teammates explained the Gospel and clarified the truths of Scripture, Kevin repeatedly said such things as “Oh, that makes sense now,” and “Oh, now I get it.” As Waters explains, such statements indicated that Kevin was amazed by the Gospel and struck by its truthfulness. “It was truly beautiful to see his eyes being opened to the truth of the Word,” she says.

At the end of that first hour, Kevin accepted Christ. Waters says that, following this, “it was amazing to see the Holy Spirit instantly start convicting him.” Kevin began asking numerous questions. Reflecting on all the sins in his life that he would have to give up—including drugs, alcohol and worldly music—Kevin inquired, “So can I still do this? … Can I still do that?” Waters notes, “You could see his fleshly desires being confronted with the Word and Spirit of the Lord.”

Kevin then asked what living for God should look like. In response, Waters and her classmates proceeded to speak with him for another hour, discipling him regarding how to live as a follower of Christ.

Reflecting on this initial experience, Waters says, “God truly changed him, and it was pretty incredible to see my Savior work in Kevin’s heart. I was so blessed to be able to experience that and glorify God through God’s saving power in Kevin. Isn’t our God so good that He chooses to allow us to witness and participate in His incredible work of changing lives?”

Waters and one of her teammates met with Kevin again the following Sunday, Aug. 23, in order to encourage him and disciple him further. They spoke about such matters as church, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and the importance of sharing his faith with others.

“It was a great time of encouragement,” Waters says. “He actually asked us if you were allowed to baptize yourself, because he knew he was supposed to be baptized, and so he had gone home and tried to baptize himself in his kitchen sink! How sweet to see God working in a life that would be so fervent to follow Christ in obedience. … Of course, we told him the point of baptism is to be a public display of one’s faith, so he is going to find a church to baptize him.”

Waters now prays that Kevin will get plugged in to a church, not give in to the temptations of this world, and share his faith with those around him who may never have the opportunity to hear otherwise. She notes, “What a perfect position he is in to share with so many of his friends who would never step foot in a church building or come in contact with Christians otherwise.”

*Name changed to protect future mission work.