When the Holy Spirit used LifeWay associate Patricia James to lead Vincent, one of her customers, to Christ, James, humbled by the experience, realized that God wants to use His children in that way every day; they just have to be willing. In her written account of the experience, James, addressing her fellow Christians, said, “Everyday He tries to use you and me to further His kingdom. You might just have the opportunity to talk to a Vincent today. Are you looking?”

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Master of Divinity students Mike Mills, Lance Rogers and Jeremy Vaughan had the opportunity to speak to a “Vincent.” In fact, God afforded them the opportunity to speak to four “Vincents.” And Mills almost missed it.

“I like to go out on Going the Second Mile on Tuesday afternoons,” Mills said in a written account later that day, “but this morning, I was busy, and it was hot outside. So, I decided to skip Going the Second Mile today.”

Only minutes after making his decision not to go out, however, Mills received a text from Vaughan. Vaughan desired to evangelize that afternoon, but given that his previous evangelism experience comprised mostly relational evangelism, he requested that Mills accompany him to a local park to help him engage in “cold-start” evangelism. At Mills’ invitation, Rogers also joined the team.

At the park, the team met two young women who were practicing rugby. Mills took the lead in witnessing to the women, introducing himself and striking up a conversation. Eventually, he asked the diagnostic question, “If God were to ask you why He should let you into heaven, what would you say?”

“They said the typical ‘I’m a good person’ speech,” Mills recalled, “so I shared the Gospel with them. At the end, I asked if they wanted to accept Christ, and they said ‘no,’ because it would be awkward. I invited them to pray silently instead of out loud. When they learned they could pray silently, they were eager to accept Christ.”

After praying with them, the Southwesterners gave them each a Bible and a tract and encouraged them regarding the next steps in their relationships with Christ. The group then proceeded to the parking lot, where a man and woman were talking outside their car. This time, Vaughan took the lead, using an approach similar to what Mills had done earlier.

The man was eager to accept Christ, and though the woman was initially hesitant, she, too, decided to give her life to Jesus. Vaughan walked them through the prayer of salvation, and the team gave them tracts and a Bible.

Following this fruitful experience, Mills reflected on his initial reluctance to evangelize that day, noting that he would have missed the opportunity to lead four people to Christ if not for Vaughan’s request for help. In retrospect, Mills said, “It amazes me how even little things like a tight schedule or hot weather can sometimes prevent me from receiving a blessing that I would have otherwise missed if not for Rogers’ and Vaughan’s encouragement and God’s perfect timing.”