Prior to the spring 2018 semester, Master of Arts student Yani Zheng had never joined an “Everyday Evangelism” team for door-to-door and neighborhood evangelism. Although Zheng maintains an evangelistic lifestyle, she had hesitated to join any of the Southwestern teams.

After enrolling in an evangelism class this semester, however, Zheng began attending the weekly gatherings as a way to fulfill a class requirement. And as she joined the teams in their regular efforts, she realized that intentional neighborhood evangelism is something she enjoys and greatly values.

Zheng says she learns something new each week from her fellow students and their professors as they walk throughout the seminary neighborhood, and she even gets to witness people responding to the Gospel by coming to faith in Christ. “I really have been learning a lot, and I am very excited to see people come to know Christ,” Zheng says.

During a recent outing with Zheng’s Friday evangelism team, they prayed for God to bring them people with whom they could share the Gospel. As they walked through two local parks, they encountered several people, but few were willing to talk. Those who would allow a conversation ultimately rejected them after the team tried to share the Gospel.

Finally, they met three teenage girls who were sitting at the bottom of a slide in the park. Zheng and the team approached them and began a conversation. The girls were receptive, and as Zheng and her team shared the responsibility of presenting the Gospel, the girls listened attentively, eager to understand everything they heard.

One of the girls, Lizabeth, responded with several questions about the Gospel. She had doubts about what it really meant to be saved, doubts about the effectiveness of her prayers, and doubts about whether her sin could really be forgiven.

The team was careful to answer each of her questions and address every doubt and concern. Finally, after a lengthy conversation, they asked Lizabeth if she wanted to pray to receive Christ. Lizabeth understood the weight of such a decision, and even with some still-lingering doubts, she decided to step out in faith, and she surrendered her life to the Lord.

Since that day, Zheng has remained in contact with Lizabeth, frequently encouraging her with Scripture and responding to Lizabeth’s questions regarding Bible study and prayer. Lizabeth had many doubts and concerns, but Zheng says she was able to overcome those doubts and respond in faith through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“God can work in anyone’s heart,” Zheng says. “It was God who moved in this girl’s heart to accept Him as her Savior.”