“Whatever you’re trying to sell me, I’m busy,” the woman said to the evangelists who had knocked on her door. “I’m doing homework.”

The team of evangelists had gone to the woman’s neighborhood in order to share the Gospel as part of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Crossover evangelism effort, June 4-10. Not all of their interactions began so bitterly, but in this case, they had accidentally interrupted the studies of a university student during a break from her full-time job. 

While the team did not want to be rude, they knew they had an important message that they needed to share with her. So, the team requested just a few moments to talk. The woman agreed to listen, so the team started to share. 

“We have some good news for you about Jesus,” they said. At these words, the woman’s countenance immediately changed.

“I’m going through a lot of stuff right now,” the woman told them. “I’m a single mom, and I just moved away from a very hard relationship, and now I am trying to teach my kids how to be successful in life.”

One of the evangelists, Esther Constante, said to the woman, “You know what? You’re not going to be alone anymore, because today, we are here to tell you that you are not alone.”

The woman began to cry and said, “Believe it or not, today, I was asking God to send me a sign, because I need somebody to walk with me. I need somebody to help me. I feel alone. I feel tired.” 

Constante, an online master’s student at Southwestern Seminary, explained to the woman that God “wants to walk with [her].” Clarifying that He will not necessarily solve all of her temporal problems, Constante nevertheless assured her that, in the midst of her problems, God will walk alongside her, tell her that He loves her, and be her rock of refuge. 

Constante and her team shared the full Gospel with the woman, explaining how she could enter a relationship with Almighty God. The woman responded, “I want to receive Christ in my life right now.” 

The evangelists led her in prayer, and the woman became a born-again believer. “It was amazing,” Constante says, “because it was the first time I had seen somebody with a smile so shiny after we prayed.”

The team gave the woman a Bible, and when she eagerly asked where to begin, they encouraged her read the book of John. Indicating her earnestness about pursuing a relationship with the Lord, she asked, “What if I have a question?” Constante answered, “Just highlight it and come to church on Sunday—I’m going to be there.” The woman agreed to write down her questions, highlight the relevant passages, and bring her questions to Constante at church that weekend. 

The woman was exuberant because of what had just transpired. She told the group, “I just want to hug you all. Thank you for coming to my door. I needed a sign, and God sent the Bible to my door.” 

Thus, the woman who had greeted them so grumpily just a few minutes earlier proceeded to give all of the evangelists a hug. “It was just amazing,” Constante recalls of the entire encounter. “You could see her face change completely. It was very encouraging.”