New Faculty Spotlight, Preaching and Teaching Galatians Conference, and lunch and learn reminder

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| Jul 19, 2021

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New Faculty Spotlight

Meet our new faculty member, Mark McClellan, director of hispanic programs and professor of missions.

"Serving as an Army Officer provided me the opportunity to live and work outside of the United States where another language was spoken. That experience gave me an interest in living and serving internationally but more importantly someone shared the gospel with me and I became a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ during those years. I left the Army to attend law school and I met my wife in a Sunday School class. She had already received a calling to missionary service. During the following years while I was practicing law we were members of two local Baptist churches and there we learned more about international missionary ministry as Southern Baptists and the work of the Cooperative Program. My church in Phoenix broadcast a live commissioning service of the International Mission Board during a Wednesday night service and at the time of invitation, my wife and I made a public commitment to missionary service. During our years of service as IMB missionaries in Guatemala we saw the need to train others for effective missionary service and inviting others to consider the missionary calling.

"In preparation for IMB service, I attended SWBTS. It was here at Southwestern that I was taught missiology, challenged, and prepared for missionary service. It was here at Southwestern that International Mission board personnel met with my wife and I and gave us direction and counsel for our missionary calling. It was here at Southwestern that professors, some who were former IMB missionaries, taught us and inspired us to missionary service. It was here at Southwestern during PhD studies that I developed a firm conviction to commit myself to prepare others for effective service. This seminary helped shape my life and it means a great deal to me.

"I look forward to the increasing role Southwestern Seminary will continue to play in sending Hispanic and Latin American Baptists to evangelize and make disciples of the nations. There is no place like #SWBTS to fulfill this calling and mission. Home to the Dome!"

Preaching and Teaching Galatians Conference

Sign up to attend the Preaching and Teaching Galatians Conference on campus September 27-28, 2021. 

This conference is designed for pastors and age-graded leadership to create a sermon-based small group series on the Book of Galatians. During the main sessions, a sermon series will be preached to model preaching Galatians. During the lab workshops, pastors will work with a preaching professor to create a sermon series for your church context. Simultaneous, age-graded leaders (children, students, and adults) will work with curriculum writers to develop the small group material for a comprehensive, child-through-adult small group curriculum. Pastors are encouraged to bring other staff members or lay leaders who are engaged with the age-graded ministries for a more comprehensive experience.


Lunch and Learn: The Tools You Need to Support Your Team

Registration for the lunch portion of this lunch of this lunch and learn is now closed but you are still invited to attend the information portion of this event.

Find the People You Need: How to Staff Your Team Quickly & Effectively

Your team's work is an essential part of our vision here at Southwestern Seminary, but building that team is no easy task. How do you find the right applicants? Ask the right interview questions? How do you integrate a new team member quickly?

This month, we'll show you how to do all this and more with tools including the Clear Company SWBTS Applicant Tracking System. With the right tools and the right know-how, your team can move from shorthanded to successful.

So join us on Wednesday, July 21, at 11:30 AM in Truett Conference Room to learn how you can find and hire the team members you need.

And stay tuned for more Lunch and Learns, where you’ll learn:

  • How to clock your team’s time without wasting yours
  • What to do when your team member gets injured
  • How to promote your events across the campus
  • And more!

Campus News

The Family Fort: How the story of one family intertwines with Seminary Hill and global missions

Unspeakable loss ended Alma Fort’s days at Southwestern Seminary. Her husband, Giles, a World War I veteran, had sensed a call to ministry, moving with his wife and toddler daughter into married student housing on the second floor of Barnard Hall in 1922. The couple had a son two years later.

Soon, though, Alma was widowed while pregnant with their third child.

The tuberculosis that Giles contracted during the war as a Navy dentist flared up when he and his wife, en route to a revival engagement, were caught in a blue norther—a swift cold front with strong winds that, in just minutes, can send temperatures tumbling 20 degrees or more.
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George Schroeder to lead Southwestern Seminary institutional relations

Veteran journalist George Schroeder has been named associate vice president for institutional relations at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, President Adam W. Greenway announced today.

“The addition of George Schroeder to our administrative staff will greatly enhance our ability to more effectively connect with important constituencies of Southwestern Seminary,” said Greenway. “George brings a unique skillset, strong ministry calling, and deep denominational commitment to this strategic role that will help Southwestern Seminary in many ways. I am delighted to welcome George, Shannon, and their children to Seminary Hill.”
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