A team of 34 students and faculty members traveled to Monclova, Mexico, to share the Gospel, Jan. 2-10.

Working with five churches in five communities over a seven-day period, the team from Southwestern shared the Gospel door-to-door and in marketplaces. The results: The team contacted 1,614 people, passed out 23,000 tracts and other pieces of evangelistic material, and shared the Gospel with 1,129 people. In the process, 179 people made professions of faith.

Micaela Mercer, a MACE student in the Terry School of Church and Family Ministries, said she was pleased to see the evangelistic focus of the mission trip. She also said she was blessed with new friendships as team members shared with each other on a daily basis during the trip. The whole group, she said, grew in “confidence and boldness in proclaiming the Gospel.”

Through her experiences in Monclova, Mercer has gained a greater desire and sense of urgency in sharing the Gospel in the United States. Although she has been involved in Southwestern Seminary’s “Taking the Hill” initiative, she desires to become more involved. After returning from Monclova, she and a friend witnessed at a Hispanic mall in the area.

Mercer also desires to look for evangelistic opportunities wherever she goes from day to day. God is breaking her, she said, of placing too much weight or importance in the opinions of any person.

“At the end of the day, people are responsible and accountable to God,” she said. “It doesn’t really matter what they think of me. I just have a responsibility to convey to them the importance of understanding the Gospel.”