Renowned scholars Herb Bateman, Darrell Bock and Gordon Johnston pieced together a portrait of the biblical view of the Messiah during Southwestern’s Biblical Studies Colloquium, April 17. They drew their discussion from their book, Jesus the Messiah: Promises, Expectations, and Coming of Israel’s King, which will be published next year.

According to these scholars, the Old Testament portrays the Messiah in various ways, making it necessary for readers to combine these passages as if they were the scattered pieces of a puzzle. But the Old Testament never brings the pieces of this puzzle together. As a result, Jews during the intertestamental period attempted to do so, but with varying results. During his ministry, Jesus had to interact with and correct these Jewish perspectives on the Messiah.

“Jesus is a part of the revelatory process of revealing who Messiah is,” Bock added. “He pulls (the pieces) together in a particular way. He also gives them a synthesis that had been lacking in the Jewish reflection up to that point.”