FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Southwestern has adjusted requirements for full-time status for all students and language requirements for Master of Divinity students, both of which will soon affect class registration. Students received an email from the registrar’s office March 24 explaining the changes to the 2012-13 academic catalog.
Changes to Full-time Status
Beginning in summer 2012, undergraduate and graduate students will qualify for full-time status with six credit hours, instead of eight, as the policy previously required. Full-time status for graduate students will now be nine credit hours per semester, instead of 10. Undergraduate students taking classes in the fall and spring semesters will continue to qualify as full-time with 12 credit hours per semester. Registrar Mark Leeds says this change aims to help students in a myriad of ways.
“This is a change that we hope will benefit the students by making it easier for them to do things like maintain full-time status for deferring loans with certain loan companies, making it easier to get scholarships for which you have to be full-time, and maintaining full-time status for insurance benefits,” Leeds said.
Changes to M.Div. Language Requirements
Administrators also made changes to language requirements for the Master of Divinity degree, adjusting the number of hours required in Hebrew and Greek. According to the new 2012–13 academic catalog, students are only required to take six credit hours of Hebrew, instead of nine, and six credit hours of Greek, instead of 12. The M.Div. will remain a 91-hour degree program.
Elementary Hebrew I and II (HEBRW 4313 and HEBRW 4323) have been renamed Biblical Hebrew I and II. Hebrew Exegetical Method will continue to be offered but is no longer a required course. Three credit hours of free electives will replace the hours previously assigned to Hebrew Exegetical Method.
Elementary Greek I and II (GREEK 3313 and GREEK 3323), which have been renamed Biblical Greek I and II, will no longer be considered pre-requisite courses and will now count toward the required six hours of Greek. Although New Testament Greek I and II are no longer required, they will continue to be offered and will count toward free electives.
Currently enrolled students have the option of remaining under the old M.Div. academic catalog or switching to the new catalog. Students switching to the new catalog who have taken Hebrew Exegetical Method, New Testament Greek I or New Testament Greek II may apply these hours toward free elective credit.
Changes to the language requirements provide students with greater degree flexibility and align with language requirements at other SBC seminaries. Leeds said the seminary remains committed to training students in the biblical languages while also wanting to be sensitive to student needs. The new catalog options provide the best of both worlds.
To switch to the new catalog, students simply need to stop by the registrar’s office to fill out a brief catalog change form. Otherwise, students will remain under the old catalog. Leeds said students who have questions about the changes should contact the registrar’s office at (817) 923-1921, ext. 2000.