Music and the church have always been a part of Katie Schild’s life. Growing up in a Christian home where her mother played the piano, Schild began learning music as a child around the same time she became a Christian.

As she got older, Schild discovered a love for playing classical guitar. After spending a short time in TCU’s music undergraduate program, she transferred to the College at Southwestern. When the Bachelor of Arts in Music (BAM) program was launched at Southwestern, she had enough credits to be considered a junior in the program with a concentration in music performance. On May 8, 2009, she will become the first graduate in the program.

Schild cherishes the community of musicians and believers she has been a part of at Southwestern. She also appreciates the music professors’ emphasis on using one’s talents for God’s glory.

“They do a good job of balancing excellence with a proper perspective,” Schild said. In the music world, there’s a huge opportunity for pride to get in the way, but they do a good job of refocusing that attention.”

The BAM contains the core curriculum in the College at Southwestern and replaces languages, physical education and fine arts classes with a 44-hour concentration in either worship, performance or composition.