FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Leaders of the College Girls Ministry (CGM) and wives of College at Southwestern faculty hosted college ladies for a fall progressive dinner Nov. 2, where they filled up on a three-course Italian feast, hours of fellowship and truths from the Scriptures.
Candi Finch, assistant professor of theology in women's studies, serves as the faculty sponsor for the CGM and says through events such as these, she hopes to pour into the lives of the women God brings to Southwestern.
“I’m excited about it,” said Finch, who took on the position of faculty sponsor for the student-led group this year. “I've been teaching teenage girls for 15 years. I love getting to invest in the lives of young women and to see them be discipled in their faith.”
Finch said it is important to have a ministry on campus specifically designed for women in the college. She says she hopes to foster mentoring and spiritual discipleship into the ministry by connecting the college ladies with professors’ wives and seminary students.
Joy White, wife of Vice President for Student Services Thomas White, hosted the appetizer portion of the meal at their house and said she hopes to positively impact the women in the college and to see them grow spiritually as well.
“I’m hoping to be a godly example and challenge them,” White said. “I’ve been in their shoes. I’ve been a college student. I’ve gone through the dating world. I have years of practical experience that I hope will minister to these girls.”
Arelie Urbina, a student in the college and an officer of CGM, said she and the other college ladies really enjoyed getting to spend the evening with the professors’ wives and the other women helping at the event.
“It’s nice to see the professors and professors’ wives in a relaxed context where they’re able to have fun,” Urbina said. “I mean, Mrs. White—I never knew she could be that much fun!”
Urbina said she also appreciated the devotion time Associate Professor of History Lee Williams’ wife Deanna led in their home after the main course of the progressive dinner.
“One thing I thought was really good was Mrs. Williams speaking truth into our lives,” Urbina said. “It’s that simple truth that we tend to forget, and she just brought it to the forefront of all of our minds.”
For the third stop of the evening, the ladies headed to Associate Professor of English Chuck Carpenter and his wife Monica’s home to enjoy an array of desserts and conversations about classes, ministry and life.
Urbina said she hopes to rekindle enthusiasm this year in CGM so that when new students come in, they will have a place to belong and to be encouraged right away.
“For those girls that are just coming in, that’s when you start to miss home, and you just need someone to come alongside you and urge you on,” Urbina said.