FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Students, faculty and staff received a new booklet before chapel, Oct. 16, detailing the Conservative Resurgence. The booklet, titled “The Southern Baptist Conservative Resurgence: The History, The Plan, The Assessment,” features three articles written by Southwestern President Paige Patterson.
The first article, “Theological Drift: World War II – 1979,” takes a historical perspective of the atmosphere and events in the Southern Baptist Convention leading up to the beginning of the Conservative Resurgence. The second article, “Roping the Whirlwind: A Renaissance Plan,” describes the blueprint conservative Southern Baptists used to return the SBC to its theological moorings. In the final article, “To Rejoice or Not: An Assessment,” Patterson evaluates the movement, offers insight into successes as well as shortcomings, and gazes into the future of the denomination.
A free e-book version of the booklet can be downloaded at