FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Faculty and students of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will present 25 papers during the Evangelical Theological Society’s (ETS) 65th annual meeting in Baltimore, Md, Nov. 19-21.

Southwestern faculty and students taking part in the meeting and their topics include:

Craig Blaising (executive vice president, provost and professor of theology): “Early Christian Millennialism and the Intermediate State of the Dead: A Response to Charles Hill’s Regnum Caelorum” and “ETS and Inerrancy: Reflections on the Pinnock, Sanders Membership Challenge.”

Jason G. Duesing (vice president for strategic initiatives and assistant professor of historical theology): “Debating Paige Patterson: 1981 Southern Baptist Inerrancy Debates with Cecil Sherman and Kenneth Chafin” and panelist for “Carl F. H. Henry, Inerrancy and the Evangelical Identity” session.

Scott Aniol (instructor of church music): “The Mission of Worship: An Assessment of the Missional Church Movement’s Impact Upon Evangelical Worship Philosophy and Practice.”

Robert Caldwell (assistant professor of church history): “God’s Glory in My Damnation: New Divinity Conversion Narratives in the Second Great Awakening.” and moderator for “American Christianity: Inerrancy and 20th Century Evangelicals: Issues and Debates” session.

Dongsun Cho (assistant professor of historical theology): “Pelagianism and the Formation of the Doctrine of Deification in Augustine, Cyril of Alexandria, and John Cassian.”

Thomas W. Davis (professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds): “St. Paul on Cyprus: The Transformation of an Apostle.”

Travis Dickinson (assistant professor of philosophy and Christian apologetics): “Why Chisholm’s Particularism was a really bad idea.”

David Hutchison (assistant professor of New Testament): “Against UBS4? The Mixed Text of Codex P.”

John D. Laing (associate professor of systematic theology): “Middle Knowledge and the Assumption of Libertarian Freedom: A Response to Ware.”

Stefana Laing (assistant librarian at the Havard School for Theological Studies): “Memory and Martyria: Identity Formation in Early Christian Historiography.”

Eric Mitchell (associate professor of Old Testament and archaeology and chair of the archaeology and biblical backgrounds divisions): “The Tel Gezer Boundary Inscriptions: A New Discovery and Reassessment.”

Miles S. Mullin, II (associate professor of church history): “When Inerrancy Failed: Twentieth-Century Evangelicals and Race in America” and moderator for “Church History: Evangelicals, American Politics, and Political Theory” and “The Evangelical Left: Retrospect and Prospect. A Review Session of Moral Minority: The Evangelical Left in the Age of Conservatism by David Swartz” sessions.

Stephen Presley (assistant professor biblical interpretation): “God is True and the Serpent Is a Liar: Irenaeus’ Intertextual Readings of Genesis 2-3.”

Greg Smith (associate vice president for academic administration and associate professor of Bible): “Joseph’s Touchstone of Testing in Genesis 42:1-28.”

Ryan E. Stokes (assistant professor of Old Testament): “Zechariah 3 and the Challenge to Joshua’s Priesthood?” and moderator for “Old Testament Historical Books 1”

John W. Taylor (associate professor of New Testament and chair of the New Testament department): “The Meal is the Message: The Community Meal as Symbol and Proclamation in I Corinthians.”

Terry L. Wilder (professor of New Testament, Wesley Harrison Chair of New Testament, and editor of Southwestern Journal of Theology): Moderator for “New Testament Backgrounds. Authorship and Authority.”

John D. Wilsey (assistant professor of history and Christian apologetics): “American Pietas: Considering the Theological Problem of American Exceptionalism.”

Jared Chatfield and Trey Thames (students): “The Renewed Excavations at Tel Gezer: Report on the 2013 Season.”

Matthew S. Harding (student): “Atonement Theory Revisited: Calvin, Beza, and Amyraut on the Extent of the Atonement.”

Wonjoo Hwang (student): “Does the NT Quotation of Non-Canonical Sources Validate the Use of the Quran in Christian Witness to Muslims?”

Andrew H. Kim (student): “A Biblical Theology of Nations: A Preliminary Investigation.”

Yunsoo Park (student): “A Reflection on the Contributions of ‘Big Idea’ Preaching of Haddon W. Robinson.”

Kimberly Pennington (student): “Blueprint for Change: Contributions of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Leaders to Racial Reconciliation within the Southern Baptist Convention.”

David M. Toledo (student): “Imaging God in Community: The Imago Dei and the Lord’s Supper.”

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