FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Charles and Jessica Migura thought they had completed their formal education, when God called them back to the college and seminary scene to prepare for ministry.

Charles first felt called to a ministry position as a high school student and approached his pastor for advice.

“He said if there’s anything else in the world you could do, do it,” Charles says. “And so I did that.”

For years, Charles experimented in the work force instead of the ministry, entering into the field of construction. However, in a car wreck in his 30s caused him to rethink that decision. That circumstance led Charles to believe God wanted more from him, so he and his family moved to Missouri, where he attended a Bible college.

After finishing his undergraduate work, Charles went straight into serving as an associate pastor at a church in Waxahachie, Texas. Over time, he felt called to pursue a master’s degree.

“If I wasn’t going to do it now, I probably wouldn’t do it at all,” Charles says. “I wanted to continue my education.”

Jessica, Charles’ wife of almost 20 years, says deciding to attend Southwestern was an easy choice.

“We knew it was a good institution,” Jessica says. “Southwestern Seminary has a good track record.”

Charles is pursuing studies in the archaeology program, saying he believes the historical knowledge will help when teaching and preaching from the Bible.

While Charles decided to further his education at Southwestern, Jessica felt called to do the same, but for her Bachelor of Science in Biblical studies.

“I felt God tugging at my heart to go back to school, and I was kind of scared,” Jessica says. “But I want to be a support to Charlie’s ministry. Plus, I know I can utilize it with my children.”

With that decision, the Miguras and their four children—ages 8 to 16—moved into student housing in Carroll Park, selling most of their furniture, their TV and other belongings to fit into the small home.

“There’s been a lot of learning in this process,” Charles says of that move and getting accustomed to the new lifestyle of taking classes while also homeschooling their children.

“It’s a bit of a challenge,” Jessica agrees. “It’s kind of like a juggling act—you try to make sure you don’t take away from your kids.”

But the Miguras say they believe the seminary atmosphere is a great place to raise their children while they continue their studies.

“We want them to have more of a love for school, to have it really be a part of their lives.” Jessica says,

Southwestern has already had an impact on Charles and Jessica. Charles says it has increased his knowledge, helping him know how to explain his own convictions to others in a way they will understand.

“I enjoy my classes,” Jessica says. “I feel like I’m growing, … that God is challenging me.”

The Miguras consider their time at Southwestern a time of refreshment—a time to be fed after spending time pouring into others at their previous ministry—as they prepare for the next area of ministry to which God calls them.